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Wow….sorry for being away this long. Last week I was bogged down at work and then was busy at home working on a fundraiser that I organize. Busy times.

Here is where we stand right now with the group break of Sweet Spot. Ideally, I would like to get 30 spots and order a 1/2 case since that would greatly increase our odds of getting a “case hit” in there for someone. So that should be our goal for right now. I think if we get to 15 spots, we’ll still do it so we’re able to do something. ūüėČ

Slots (30 needed for 1/2 case)
1. Chris (Sac Bunt)
2. John (Sac Bunt)
3. Psad21
4. Psad21
5. Topher
6. Jim
7. stp_ball
8. stp_ball
9. Me

Getting all 30 slots is pretty ambitious so spread the word. Slot assignment and break will be taped to ensure authenticity.

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After a very close vote, we did emerge with a winner in the vote for a Group Break product.

The winner was 2007 Sweet Spot by a slim margin of only 2 votes.

What I need now, is a list of anyone wanting to participate in the break. Just reply to this post and let me know how many slots you would like.

If you don’t remember how this is going to be run, here are the details:

2007 Sweet Spot = $18.00 per slot (each additional slot after 1 would be $17)

We would be doing a 1/2 case of this and that would come out to 30 ‚Äúhit‚ÄĚ slots with the hits being

  • Sweet Spot Signautre (1 per tin)
  • Sweet Beginnings Rookie Helmet (1 per tin)
  • Relic Cards (2 per tin)

I lumped the two relics together since I think combined they make the hit a little more worthwhile. We  won’t slot the base cards and just put them up for grabs once I’m done.

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Group Break VOTE

Ok, we’ve had a number of votes on the Group Break on which product to bust but I’m going to let it go until Monday night before we declare a winner. Remember, in order to make the break work, we need to be able to fill the spots necessary. The Sweet Spot product will have 30 slots, the Bowman’s Best will have 49. So take that into account when making your vote.

Voting ends at 7pm CST on Monday!

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Wow, seems like there would definitely enough interest to do a Group Break that will be “by hit”. None of that silly “by team” stuff here. ūüôā

Now what we need to do is settle on a product. The two most affordable options that would yield good hits are 2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot and 2007 Bowman’s Best. Both are autograph heavy and everyone loves to get a signature, right?

So here is how the slot prices of each would break down. I’m basing this on dividing the cost of the 1/2 case by the slot hits + shipping + cost of a bubble mailer + enough to cover the stupid PP fees.

2007 Sweet Spot = $18.00 per slot (each additional slot after 1 would be $17)

2007 Bowman’s Best = $12.75 per slot (each additional slot after 1 would be $11.75)

Obviously, with more than one slot, you don’t need to pay as much shipping. Consider this your basic combined shipping discount. Remember, the Sweet Spot would need to fill 30 slots. The Bowman’s Best would need to fill 49.

Payments would be made with PayPal.

Any extra hits (a bonus hit beyond what we were slated to receive) would be randomized off at the end.

There are the details….vote and let’s figure out what we want.

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I mentioned on here before the possibility of trying our hands at a Group Break that is done “by hit” instead of “by team”. I’ve never been a fan of the “byt team” stuff because if your team doesn’t hit then you’ve essentially given your money away for nothing. With a “by hit” break, you’re guaranteed to walk out with something and everyone loves that.¬† So I went out scouring for possible deals and I came up with a couple options and I’m curious if anyone is interested. (Obviously the best deals out there right now are the 2007 products so I was looking at them)

2007 UD Sweet Spot
Ahh…the old staple when it comes to breaks. ūüôā This one would be very easy since there aren’t many packs and the hits are easy. I would be doing a 1/2 case of this and that would come out to 30 “hit” slots with the hits being

  • Sweet Spot Signautre (1 per tin)
  • Sweet Beginnings Rookie Helmet (1 per tin)
  • Relic Cards (2 per tin)

I lumped the two relics together since I think combined they make the hit a little more worthwhile. I wouldn’t slot the base cards and just put them up for grabs once I’m done. With a 1/2 case and 3 slots per tin we’d be looking at¬†$15 per slot for this one with a little extra added on there to cover shipping. 30 slots total for this one.

2007 Bowman’s Best
Here is one that I haven’t seen done in a Group Break in a long time and the price for a 1/2 case has come down and is fairly manageable. This breakdown of Best is a little tricky though. I think I figure it as 4 hits per mini-box.

  • Autograph Card hits (3 per mini-box)
  • #’d parallels (2 per mini-box)

Each autographed card would be 1 hit slot and then I’d lump the numbered parallels into a hit slot also. That makes 4 hits per mini-box and there are 3 mini-boxes per master box. Four master boxes per 1/2 case and that comes up to 48 hit slots. Whew…lots of math. I’d then put the 4 A-Rod box topper packs into one slot so we ultimately have 49 slots.¬† That comes out to $9.75 per slot (again with some extra to be added on for shipping).

For the sake of authenticity, I would videotape everything (slot assignments and break). And if I can figure out a way to stream it live, I will even try doing that.

So there you go. There are a couple options for a Group Break. Is anyone interested? We would obviously need to make sure we could fill every slot for whichever we choose.

FYI – international readers are more than welcome to get in on this if they wish. They would just have a little bit more on the shipping price.

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Well….life is full of times where sometimes you make the right choice and sometimes you make the wrong choice. This here is one of those times where I made the wrong choice. ha ha! The previous good luck I had with this product with individual packs must have used up all my good fortune because this was pretty bad. Let’s get to it…

Box 1
I didn’t actually start off too bad. This was 1 of only 2 boxes that actually contained what it was supposed to.

Notable Base (#’d to 799): Mel Ott, Christy Mathewson, David Wright, Nick Markakis (RC)
Aaron Rakers RC Auto (#139/180)
Alfonso Soriano Quad Jersey (#1/25)
Jonathan Papelbon/Craig Hansen Dual Patch (#4/35)
Jeff Bagwell/Craig Biggio/Lance Berkman Triple Auto (Redemption)
BONUS PACK – Boof Bonser RC SPx Printing Plate

rakers   sorianoquad   bostondual   bstriple   boof_plate

Ok, that could have been worse. The Papelbon/Hansen dual patch looks pretty good. The Rakers auto might as well be a drink coaster. Here’s the really cool part of this box….the Astros triple auto. First off, I think it’s a cool card and would likely keep it. But it’s a redemption from a 2006 product you say?? Here’s the kicker…the expiration date on it is 12/20/2009!! So I’m still in luck. I can’t see UD still having any of these cards so who knows what I’ll get in return, but we’ll see.

Box 2
Here’s where the wheels started to fall off. This box didn’t contain the advertised “One Triple, Quad, five, Six or Eight Signature card numbered to 50 or less or an Autographed dual memorabilia card numbered to 35 or less in each box!” Instead I got two of the damn Ultimate Rookie cards!! LAME!!

Notable Base (#’d to 799): Jackie Robinson, Johnny Mize,¬†Carlos Quentin¬†(RC)
Jeremy Accardo RC Auto (#132/180)
Josh Rupe RC Auto (#152/180)
Scott Kazmir/Cole Hamels Dual Jersey (#20/25)
Luis Aparicio Dual Patch (#21/35)
BONUS PACK – Ryan Howard Ovation Printing Plate

accardo   rupe   kaz_hamels   apariciopatch   howardplate

Yeah, this box sucked ass. Two Rookie autos and they both sucked. The Hamels/Kazmir dual jersey is nice if you’re into single color jerseys, but I don’t get too jazzed about them anymore. The Aparicio patch is pretty nice but not sure there is much of a market for it.

Box 3
This box was back to the normal breakdown and a little better.

Notable Base (#’d to 799): Dizzy Dean, Ty Cobb,¬†Nick Markakis¬†(RC) – again!
Takashi Saito RC Auto (Redemption)
Matt Holliday Dual Jersey (#4/35)
Mark Mulder/Scott Kazmir/Cole Hamels triple auto (#44/50)
Jered Weaver Dual Patch (#8/50)
BONUS PACK –¬†Rod Carew¬†Legendary Cuts¬†Printing Plate

saitoredemp   hollidaydual   tripleauto   weaverpatch   carewplate

The triple auto in hand is pretty nice. I like Kazmir and Hamels so this was a good pull. I like the Holliday card but I wish there was a stripe in the # window as well. The Saito redemption will be another wait and see. This may be my first chance to play the redemption switch game with UD.

Box 4
Back to crap with this box. Another box where I didn’t get the triple auto or auto relic. At this point, I’m livid.

Notable Base (#’d to 799):¬†Nick Markakis¬†(RC) – for the THIRD time!!
Brian Bannister RC Auto (#145/180)
Ian Kinsler RC Auto (#152/180)
Kenji Johjima Quad Jersey (#22/25)
Adam Dunn Dual Patch (#16/35)
BONUS PACK –¬†Jason Hammel¬†Ultimate Collection RC¬†Printing Plate

bannister   kinsler   kenjiquad   dunnpatch   hammelplate

Ok, well I finally got a Rookie auto that was worth a darn in Kinsler. I just wish I didn’t get another box with two of them in there. I will say this for Bannister though…he’s got one nice looking autograph. I like the Dunn dual patch. How is this guy still a free agent? You mean there is no team in the AL that could use a guy who will hit 40 homers? Sheesh!

So all in all it looks like a gigantic waste of money. As expected, I’ll lose my ass on this one. I wonder what could have been if those two boxes that didn’t have the right hits would have been as advertised. Oh well…

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Breakin’ is ON TONIGHT!

No, I am not referring to the whimsical 1984 movie featuring Kelly, Ozone, and Turbo that tells the heartwarming tale of a jazz dancer who meets up with two breakdancers and becomes a street sensation after them “serve” everyone else during a dance off.


Actually, I’ll freely admit that I was probably¬†rented this movie and it’s sequel (Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo) more than anyone else at our small local video store. Looking back now, I have no answer for why.

Anyway….tonight I’ll be breaking my case of 2006 Ultimate Collection. As I reported before, I fully expect to lose my ass on this one but I couldn’t resist. I doubt I’ll keep many of the cards so if there is anything I break that someone wants, make sure you speak up before they hit ebay.

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Never in my lifetime have I claimed to be a strong willed person. And ever since I got into the hobby of card collecting, it has done nothing but get worse. I’m not a big casino person. My wife sure is though and she would go to the Blackjack tables every weekend if she could. So for me, busting wax is my form of gambling and I have to admit that it is addicting.

So with all that out of the way, I am announcing that I had a weak moment and ordered a 4-box case of this…


Yup, 2006 Ultimate Collection. I had only done random loose packs of this (there are 4 packs per box) and have loved every pack I opened. This will be my first time doing a case. I got a great deal on the case from Atlanta Sports Cards so we’ll see how it goes.

Out of the case I should get 4 of the following:

  • Rookie Signature – #’d 180 or less
  • Triple, Quad, Five, Six, or Eight signature card (#’d 50 or less) or Dual Auto Relic (#’d 35 or less)
  • Dual, Triple, or Quad relic – #’d 50 or less
  • Dual, Triple, or Quad – #’d 50 or less
  • Ultimate Bonus Packs

The Rookie Signatures will be a mixed bag. Most of the rookies are worthless but there are some chances at good pulls with the likes of Andre Ethier, Cole Hamels, Francisco Liriano, Hanley Ramirez, Jonathan Papelbon, Ryan Zimmerman, and Jon Lester. I’m hoping I don’t pull a Prince Fielder since he is one of the few redemptions and they are long past.

The Bonus Packs should be interesting. Each pack contains a printing plate from various 2006 UD products, a Legendary Materials card, or a Griffey Jr or Jeter buyback autograph. The Griffey buyback is the 1989 RC and the Jeter is his 1994 SP card. Either of those would be very cool and would be a keeper in the personal collection. The Legendary Materials cards feature your standard group of past stars that tend to show up in all of these subsets. The big hit here would seem to be the Ty Cobb card, which had a print run of only 5!

So I paid for the case this afternoon and it should probably ship out tomorrow. Assuming all goes well, I should have my hands on it for a break on Friday. Wish me luck!

**UPDATE** I guess they got my case out today so it should arrive on Wednesday. I doubt I’m here to sign for it so I’ll have to pick it up on Thursday and I’ll probably break it then.

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The two boxes arrived today and as luck would have it, I was working from home today due to bad weather but my wife actually had to go to work. So I actually got to open these. Let’s get to it…

2007 Sweet Spot
This was only my second tin of this stuff and I had high expectations based on my previous tin.

pat1      hud4

My two memorabilia cards weren’t anything to get excited about. The Hudson is a plain white swatch (which I hate) and the Burrell has a nice pinstripe in it. Plain memorabilia cards like these don’t do a lot for me.

My two base cards were Ryan Zimmerman and this…


I remember when this product initially came out there was a big rush to get these Michael Buysner cards. I don’t know if they get anything on the secondary market now though.


You know how no matter what product you open up, you have this one guy that you seem to pull out of everything? Well, for me in 2007 that was Chris Stewart and he has obviously followed me into 2009. I may give this one to my dogs to play with. Actually, it has some damage along the helmet window so I’m going to take a chance at contacting UD about it and see what happens.

And my hit for the tin was…


Adrian Gonzalez Bat Barrel (Silver Ink) #21/25

Not too bad. I actually like Gonzalez so I wasn’t too sad with this pull. I think Gonzalez is one of the most underrated hitters in the National League. Check out what he did last year in a shitty hitter’s park and you’ll see what I mean. I don’t really like the silver ink on the barrel pieces though since they are tough to read. Bad decision on UD’s part.

2007 SP Authentic
Again, I had done a box of this last year and had good luck so I was due for a crappy box.

chico     zim

Two Washington Nationals??? Seriously?!? Ugh!

The Matt Chico is #47/75 and the Ryan Zimmerman is #5/25. Now here is what I HATE about SPA….they don’t tell you what these are meant to spell!! Sure, in the 2006 product it was easy because they all spelled the player’s last name and there were no silly variations. Now you can spell goofy stuff like the city name, team name, and “rookie”.

So I have this “O” for Matt Chico. It could be the last letter of his last name, one of the O’s in ROOKIE, or an O in either NATIONALS or WASHINGTON. What the hell!??! The same thing goes with the Zimmerman “I”. By the way, Zimmerman has a damn cool signature.

And just because I know you all care, I did pull one Morneau card from the boxes.


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The Votes Are IN!

For those of you who saw this title and thought I had some inside information about the baseball Hall of Fame vote today….you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m sorry.

In the first You Make the Call Box Break vote in the history of NeedMoMorneau history, the runaway 2007udsweetspotbbwinner was the 2007 Sweet Spot product. Sweet Spot promises two signatures and two memorabilia relics per tin. One signature is the Sweet Beginnings signature card which features the signature of last year’s rookies along with a small batting helmet. The other autograph is the regular Sweet Spot signature that could be on ball leather, glove leather, or bat barrel. The price of these tins has dropped way down in the course of the last year and I was able to pick up the tin at a good price. Last year I only busted one tin of this product and did pretty well. I pulled a redemption for a dual signature baseball leather featuring Brandon Webb and Chris Young (the D’Back’s OF, not the pitcher).

As I was 2007udspauthenticbbbrowsing around the Dave and Adam’s site before placing my order for the SS tin, I found that the price of the 2007 SP Authentic was also way down. So I decided to go ahead and get me a box of this as well. I also only did one box of this product last year and did very well. In addition to my two By the Letter autographs (Alexi Casilla and Dan Uggla), I beat the odds and pulled a Full Name Redemption for Aramis Ramirez. So I’ve had good luck with this product as well. Plus, from the various boards I visit, it doesn’t seem like many of the Full Name Redemptions have been pulled. How awesome would it be if I pulled the Justin Morneau Full Name Redemption out of this box?? Honestly, I’d probably freak out considering how much of a pain in the ass completing those sets can be.

The order was placed this morning with Dave and Adam’s and since they are only a couple states away the boxes should be arriving at my house on Wednesday. I don’t know if I’ll be able to break them until Friday though since I often have to do that sort of thing when my wife isn’t home. ha ha!

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