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I mentioned yesterday that I’d put a post out here to show off some Adam Lind cards that I used to own. Lind happens to be one of the hottest players in the league right now and his cards are showing that. Cards that I used to get for $5 are now well over $20 and some cards that I had eyes for before are now out of my budget.

I’m glad to see Lind do well. As I pointed out yesterday, he’s from my home state of Indiana and I try to follow those guys as best I can and I’m glad to see Adam do well. So here are a few things that I used to have:

lind_helmet_auto   lind_ss_silver


The jersey I got from a box of Just Minors Mystery Jerseys last year. At the time, I had a hell of a time getting it sold. I bet that wouldn’t be the case now. The card I miss though is the Sweet Spot barrel card. It was a nice looking card and Adam provided one of the few silver signatures on the barrels that you can actually make out. I also had about the full set of Lind’s “By The Letter” cards from the 2007 SP Authentic. I didn’t figure anyone wanted to see a bunch of letters. 🙂

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Call it laziness or exhaustion, but I can’t motivate myself to scan and write about a couple of the new Morneau cards I’ve recently received. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow night.

Instead I decided to spotlight another card that used to be in my posession at one time. This time I want to murphpresent a 1/1 triple relic auto card of Dale Murphy from the 2007 Topps Triple Threads.

In the past, I used to be a big case breaker and I loved going after the high end products. I know plenty of guys who do the low end stuff and they make good profits from that, but that never had enough excitement for me so I did the higher end stuff (Triple Threads, Sterling, Premier, etc). 

This card came out of a case of Triple Threads and boy, did it save my ass. The rest of the case was pretty pedestrian, but never underestimate the drawing power of The Murph. I really wanted to keep this card because when I was a kid, Dale Murphy was one of my favorite players (obviously behind Mattingly). I remember spending a lot of days and nights as a kid with my grandpa watching the Braves on TBS.

When I went to sell it, two serious Murphy collectors got into an intense bidding war and the final tally on the card helped me break even on the case. I was sad to see the card go though. But, I used part of the money I received to purchase a new baseball, a box, and some postage. I sent all the to Mr. Murphy’s house and he was very kind enough to send me back the baseball signed. So all was not lost.

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Sitting here watching the World Series got me to thinking about what cards from these two teams I used to own at one time. After some looking, I didn’t see much Phillies stuff so I figured I’d drop in a few Rays cards that I had at one time.



Obviously I’m feeling like a moron for selling the Longoria Bowman Sterling autographed card. And yes, it was the refractor version. But before you call me an idtiot, I had it sent to BGS and it came back as an “8”. I was very disappointed in that and decided to cut my losses with it.

The other card from that set that I kinda wish I had back was the Ben Zobrist White Whale 1/1 from the 2007 Triple Threads. No, I’m not on crack. Zobrist is a local kid and now I wish I would have kept it.

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As I said earlier today, no USPS today means no new Morneau cards for me. I have 4 coming my way so I should have updates soon. So tonight I decided to add something new and start showing off some cards that I used to own but have since sold.

To kick us off is this beauty from the 2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot…

Alex Gordon/Cal Ripken #3/5

This was actually a redemption that I pulled from a tin of Sweet Spot and Upper Deck actually came through. This was the gold stitch and gold ink parallel that was numbered to just 5. My only gripe with this card is that clearly Ripken got his hands on it first since you can tell that Gordon had to squeeze his signature in there. I hate that since Gordon has what I consider one of the cooler signatures in the game. This one was particularly tough to part with but I dumped it to get money for a new softball bat. What sucks is that bat is now long gone. Lame!

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