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Ahh….the New Year’s Resolution. Does anyone actually keep these? I’ve always considered them to be a big joke and an excuse for people to tell themselves they are going to do something so they feel like they have a goal.

This year though, I am actually going to do mine. The 10 Questions from Dinged Corners asked what we wanted to do with our collection in 2009. After some thinking, I said that I would like to “thin out” my collection. I don’t have what I would consider to be a gigantic collection. I don’t have many cards other than the Morneau cards that I collect. I do have quite a few pieces of memorabilia though (baseballs, photos, jerseys, etc) that I could stand to reduce.

So I have decided that I am going to sell part of my autographed baseball collection. The market for autographed memorabilia has gone down considerably over the last year so I will probably lose some money on some of the items, but getting something for them is better than nothing. Here are the baseballs I plan on selling at this point:

Ryan Howard, Jay Bruce, Alex Gordon, Colby Rasmus, Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, Joe Nathan, and Jake Peavy

If you are interested in any of those, let me know. It would be nice to avoid ebay hassles and fees. I can obviously provide pictures and authentication information if you’re interested in any of them. I may add more later.

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Back to work!

Ok, I’ve been a little lax in updating the site since the Blog Bat Around post from last week. I can attribute that to having to be Mr. Mom this weekend to my 17 month old daughter and the both of us being sick the whole time. A sick 1 1/2 year old is tough enough, but when you’re sick too, it’s a nightmare.

I have managed to score 3 new Morneau cards though since my last post and I plan to get them each up here but I don’t have any of them scanned yet. So this morning I’m going to go back and spotlight a Morneau card that I picked up before this site started.

2988738917_05f99119a5In the 2007 edition of Topps Sterling, Justin was one of the many players included in the set. Out of all the Sterling cards produced, this is the only autographed or relic card that I have from the product. This is a 1/1 autographed relic featuring a lot of patch pieces.

I actually had three other Sterling autographed relic cards of Justin before I settled on this one. So why did I go for this card? For me it was an easy desicion. the other cards were extremely boring. They each featured single color (gray) jersey swatches and bland bat pieces. When this one popped up with it’s multi-colored patch pieces, I knew this was the card for me and I bid aggressively to get it.

I really do like the Sterling cards. They are nice and thick and have a great high-end look to them. I guess if you’re paying out the nose for a card, you want it to look the part. But who in the hell designed these things? Seriously…why do we need a card highlighting Justin’s 11 sacrifice flies in his MVP year? Some of the things that Topps chose to put on these cards is really dumbfounding. I guess they didn’t want to do just plain old square openings, but they surely could have come up with something better than this! Oh well….it’s still a cool card and I am happy with it.

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Holy crap! Another day with no Morneau cards in the mail and I’m starting to get seriously pissed off! I know some sellers that are going to get themselves a negative.

Since I don’t have any new Morneau stuff to report on, I thought I would bring to light a side project that I worked on for awhile, then dropped, and have now picked up again. Back when I was collecting about 4-5 players, one of the guys I was targetting was Mark Teixeira. When I decided to go to just one player, I got down to Morneau and Teixeira and had a hard time deciding between the two. I went with Morneau and sold off the small amount of Teixeira cards I had in my possession. In addition to a couple signed baseballs (not pictured), I did manage to keep these…

tex_photo          tex_sjy

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been hitting on a few Teixeira auctions and having some very good luck.

dia_cut     exq_rc     spx_jsy_auto

abs_ink     sp_sott     abs_ink_2

Even though I’ve said in the past that I want to stich with just one player (Morneau), I do think I’ll continue to dabble in Mark Teixeira items. Of course, if he ends up heading to the Yankees in the next couple of months, I’ll definitely be out of that market. Those Yankees fans are crazy and they tend to drive the prices up for guys on their team.

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