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If you actually follow this blog and my ramblings, then you know I have really not posted a whole lot over the last few months. Spring and summer are usually a really busy time for me with stuff outside of work and then there was actually work-work that kept me busy. Add in there that I spend a lot of time chasing a 2-year old around the house and you get the point.

I have been keeping up with things though. Morneau is having another great season and the Twins are hanging in there. My Cubs are crap. I did attend the Twins/Cubs game on June 12th and that was a lot of fun (I got some good pictures that I’ll post on here). That was the game where Uncle Milty threw the ball into the stands with 2 outs. Good times.

As for the hobby itself, I have been following all the blogs and the small collector board that I frequesnt. I watched guys bust a ton of Allen & Ginter and Sport Kings over there and that has taken care of my box busting fix. And I think I found a niche in the hobby that will sustain my interest.

One of the things that I have been focusing on lately (in addition to patches) are the On Card autographs. Right now my favorite products with the on card autos are the 2005 Artifacts product and the 2005 Ultimate Signature Edition (both Upper Deck products). Both have some great looking autograph cards and I’ll start to highlight some of the additions I have accumulated.

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