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As I said earlier today, no USPS today means no new Morneau cards for me. I have 4 coming my way so I should have updates soon. So tonight I decided to add something new and start showing off some cards that I used to own but have since sold.

To kick us off is this beauty from the 2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot…

Alex Gordon/Cal Ripken #3/5

This was actually a redemption that I pulled from a tin of Sweet Spot and Upper Deck actually came through. This was the gold stitch and gold ink parallel that was numbered to just 5. My only gripe with this card is that clearly Ripken got his hands on it first since you can tell that Gordon had to squeeze his signature in there. I hate that since Gordon has what I consider one of the cooler signatures in the game. This one was particularly tough to part with but I dumped it to get money for a new softball bat. What sucks is that bat is now long gone. Lame!

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