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Ok, I actually have quite a few teams already done but I wanted to post one full team up here and see what people thought of what I have done.

I’m going to start with the Cubs. Just to clarify, each team consists of 25 players. In an effort to make each team able to be played on their own, I had to make the roster realistic. So that means each team needs a backup catcher and depth around the diamond. That also meant trying my hardest to get each team a lefty in the bullpen. That’s been hard for some teams. Anyway…here is my Cubs team.

C – Gabby Hartnett
1B – Cap Anson
2B – Ryne Sandberg
SS – Ernie Banks
3B – Ron Santo
LF – Billy Williams
CF – Hack Wilson
RF – Sammy Sosa

BN – Mark Grace (1B)
BN – Billy Herman (2B)
BN – Kiki Cuyler (OF)
BN – Jody Davis (C)
BN – Jimmy Ryan (OF)
BN – Aramis Ramirez (3B)

SP – Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown
SP – Fergie Jenkins
SP – Charley Root
SP – John Clarkson
SP – Rick Sutcliffe

RP – Kerry Wood
RP – Rick Reuschel
RP – Hippo Vaughn
RP – “Big” Bill Lee
RP – Claude Passeau

CL – Lee Smith

So you might be asking yourself….who the hell is John Clarkson? I didn’t even know myself and I consider myself a big baseball fan. Clarkson was a pitcher for the Chicago franchise before the turn of the century and has the second highest win total (53) in one season in ML history. Oh, and that same season, he had 68 complete games.

The last bench spot I gave to Aramis Ramirez. Honestly, I could have given it to a few guys including Derrek Lee, Frank Chance, and King Kelly. I went with Ramirez since he plays 3B and I wanted a good backup there.

So there is one team. How did I do? Anyone on there you disagree with? Let me know.

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Yup, I’m back to not updating this regularly. Shocked, aren’t you? 🙂

What I have been doing in my rare spare time is playing a lot of The Show 09 on the PS3. The other night I downloaded someone’s roster set that had what they called “All Time Teams” for each team. I assumed this would consist of 25 of the best of all time for each team. That’s about half right. Most teams had their best players but also had a smattering of current scrubs taking up roster spots. Plus, the ratings were all WAY too high.

So I’ve decided to take it upon myself to take this roster file and actually make it correct. What I plan on doing is going through for each team and setting a roster that I consider to be their actual All Time Team. Pretty ambitious, huh?

The hardest part for me is coming up with each team’s 25 man roster. You would think there would be somewhere on the internet where some place like TSN, ESPN, or SI has actually surveyed people and posted each team’s best. But I can’t find it. So I’m openly asking if any of you would like to help contribute. After you pick a team to do, here is what I would need…

  • 25 man roster for your chosen team
  • Players eligible for your team should have played more years for that team than any other. For example, Frank Robinson played 10 years for the Reds and 6 years with the Orioles. So in my roster set, Frank ends up in Cincinnati.
  • At least one player from each position
  • Bench players should make sense (don’t make every bench player an OF)
  • Five starting pitchers
  • One closer
  • Bullpen can be made up of left over starters or actual relief pitchers

Seems simple enough, right? If I get some interest from here, I will plan on documenting my progress and giving credit where credit is due.

If you’re interested, email me at djw1207 (at) live.com

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