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Sometimes I really don’t check out as many blogs out there as I would like. I think part of it is because I tend to feel the need to earn my paycheck here, but it’s also partly because some have flown under my radar and I just never noticed them before. So I’m going to highlight a couple here in case anyone else has missed them.


The first is Crackin’ Wax. Somehow I never made it over to this one and now that I’ve found it, I’ve been here multiple times over the past couple days and left a handful of comments. 

CW was started not too long ago so catching up on the whole blog is certainly doable. I’m a big fan because the author seems to be a big Twins and Morneau fan so that works in my book.  And if you get a chance, check out his Game Day Graphers. Easily the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile and I’m going to have to find some trade bait to get me some. 🙂


The next one is the Sac Bunt Baseball Card Blog. Again, not sure how I missed this one. The authors (Chris and John) talk about a wide range of baseball and card topics but also talk Twins as well so it’s now on my daily read list.

I’m a firm believer in the blog community promoting their own, so if you get a chance, bounce on over to these sites and take a look. I’ll try to get them both added to the RSS feed to the right sometime today.

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