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Call it laziness or exhaustion, but I can’t motivate myself to scan and write about a couple of the new Morneau cards I’ve recently received. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow night.

Instead I decided to spotlight another card that used to be in my posession at one time. This time I want to murphpresent a 1/1 triple relic auto card of Dale Murphy from the 2007 Topps Triple Threads.

In the past, I used to be a big case breaker and I loved going after the high end products. I know plenty of guys who do the low end stuff and they make good profits from that, but that never had enough excitement for me so I did the higher end stuff (Triple Threads, Sterling, Premier, etc). 

This card came out of a case of Triple Threads and boy, did it save my ass. The rest of the case was pretty pedestrian, but never underestimate the drawing power of The Murph. I really wanted to keep this card because when I was a kid, Dale Murphy was one of my favorite players (obviously behind Mattingly). I remember spending a lot of days and nights as a kid with my grandpa watching the Braves on TBS.

When I went to sell it, two serious Murphy collectors got into an intense bidding war and the final tally on the card helped me break even on the case. I was sad to see the card go though. But, I used part of the money I received to purchase a new baseball, a box, and some postage. I sent all the to Mr. Murphy’s house and he was very kind enough to send me back the baseball signed. So all was not lost.


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