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One of the most annoying thing to me in this hobby is the rise in the pricing of what many call the “high end” products. I’m talking your UD Premier, Black, Exquisite and Topps Triple Threads, Sterling. Granted, you will pull some nice cards from these boxes, but you also pull a ton of garbage.

What really bugs me the most is that these card companies aren’t really even putting the value into the box. If someone is paying around $180 for a box of Triple Threads, they shouldn’t have to suffer through a pull of a autographed triple relic (all single color swatches) of Bill White. Yes, the same Bill White (Texas) who pitches a total of 9 innings in 2007 and then posted a 20+ ERA in 4 innings this year and was recently outrighted to the minors. I’m sure Bill is a wonderful person, but where the hell is the value there?!?! Topps isn’t alone in this mess. Upper Deck does the same crap and tries to wow us with single color swatches and call them “high end”.

In addition to lame relics and lame players, the value on these cards just doesn’t really hold up to the MSRP they slap on there. Last night I won an auction for a UD Black Justin Morneau autographed card. This is a product that was priced at nearly $200 per box when it was released (I could be wrong on that so someone correct me if I am). I grabbed the card for a paltry $14.

So here is my plea to Topps and Upper Deck….FIX THIS! You have two options. You can either: A) Fill these products with cards that are worth the price. I’m talking patches only. There is no reason to have single color swatches in products this expensive. And only put players in there that are stars. Don’t give me long time minor league guys that get a call late in the season and super sub bench players. Or B) Lower the price on these products to better reflect the stuff in the boxes. No one is getting their money’s worth with what you’re asking for now.

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