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If you remember back to the spring, I started something I called The Patchworks Project. I love patch cards and I started to grab some whenever I found a good deal. Since we’re now getting near the start of NFL Pre-Season games*, I figured I should get into a football state of mind.

I’ve made it well known that I graduated from Indiana University so when IU produced a high round football draft pick in 2008 (James Hardy), I knew I wanted to go out and grab a few of his cards. Since he didn’t really make a splash last year, finding some of his good cards at a good price wasn’t real difficult.


The first card I picked up was Hardy’s Rookie Auto Patch from the 2008 SP Authentic product. I picked this up not long after SPA was released last year so I’m sure I overpaid for it. I would imagine I could get the same card now for 30% less than I what I spent for it back then. The patch is so-so but the card features on on card signature which is something that I’m getting pretty big on so that was a definite plus.


The second Hardy card in my collection is this Dual Patch card from the 2008 Exquisite product. The patch pieces in this card are really good and feature a lot of colors so I’m real happy with the way the card looks. I got this card for a song due to a seller deciding to end his listing at 1:00 in the afternoon. (Here’s a helpful tip…don’t be a moron when listing things on ebay. The majority of ebay traffic and bidding occurs at night, not in the middle of the afternoon) This particular card is numbered #6/15. There was another card like this numbered to 15 that featured bits of the Reebok logo from the jersey. I bid pretty aggresively on it when it was on ebay but I missed out.

The last card in my mini James Hardy collection is the Rookie Signature Patch from Exquisite numbered #64/75. Again, I bid on this card right after the product was released and I’m pretty damn sure I overpaid on this one. But, I don’t regret the purchase at all since the card looks great. Again, the on card signature is clean and flawless and really looks good on the card. The patch looks like it could be part of the “A” from his name across the back.  


I give people a lot of grief when they decide to open up boxes or cases of Upper Deck because I feel like you never really get your money’s worth. But I do admit that they do some products exactly right and I think Exquisite Football and SPA Football are two of their better products. If you have a player you like, chase down these cards. You won’t be sorry.

* Mini-Rant – How damn ridiculous is it that the NFL charges people full price on tickets to pre-season games?!? Now that I’m a season ticket holder, I have to admit that I’m pretty pissed about having to shell out $200+ for a pre-season game next Friday night against the Vikings where I won’t even see the guys I pay the money to see. Bah!!

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