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I’m a big believer in making time for yourself no matter how busy you are. I’m also a big believer in traditions. And to top it off, I’ll be turning 35 and the end of this year and I think it’s time to put all these things together and I think I’ve come up with a good solution.

So in the grand tradition of the Jay Buckley Baseball Tours, a buddy of mine, my brother, and I have decided to start our own annual baseball odyssey. With our inaugural trip this year we will be setting out from Central Illinois and traveling north to catch a game in Milwaukee and two games in Minneapolis at the new Target Field.

Most of you know I’m a big Twins fan and this will be my very first trip up to Minnesota to catch a Twins home game so I’m very excited. What I’m not excited about is the ticket prices that I’m finding. My original plan was to pay big for one game and sit close and then pay small on the second game and sit somewhere relatively “scenic”. What I’m finding is that the secondary market on tickets up there is pretty high. I can’t even find “cheap” tickets that are by definition….CHEAP! I have time though so I’ll keep looking. I was easily able to snag great seats in Milwaukee so I was happy there.

So our itinerary looks like this…

  • August 12th – Diamondbacks @ Brewers
  • August 13th – A’s @ Twins
  • August 14th – A’s @ Twins
  • Return home

I’m semi-tempted to see if the guys are up for the Sunday August 15th afternoon game between the Sox and Detroit in Chicago but that may be asking for a lot….4 games in 4 days. We’ll see.

Like I said, I’m a big believer in traditions so I’m hoping this will be an annual thing for us (with the addition of others who can’t make it this year). We’re all getting older and many of us have kids that keep us busy (I have a 3-year old and one more coming in late September) so taking a “guys trip” once a year is something I think we’ll need to keep us all sane. 🙂

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Back from Florida and back into my normal routine finally. I have to say that even though I was at a conference for work, it was nice to get away from my desk and the Illinois weather for a few days. A lot has happened though since my last post so let’s try to get caught up…

1. Baseball season is upon us!! I love all sports but I have to say that baseball is my addiction. People find it hard to believe that I am a baseball fan in general, but it’s true. I could watch any game involving any team at any time. There’s just something about baseball.

2. Milton Bradley is hurt….again….big shocker! Who had the over/under at 6 games?? Sheesh!!

3. Adam Lind is making me look like a Fantasy Baseball genius!! I drafted Lind in our little blog authors fantasy league and he has come out of the gate on fire! I have followed Lind since he was drafted since he was from my home state of Indiana and I had heard quite a bit about him from people back home. So I knew he could swing the bat, but the way he has started this season is fantastic. I really hope he can keep it up. I think tonight I’ll do a “Cards I Used to Own” with the Adam Lind cards that I’ve had and then sold off. Ugh….regret.

And while we’re at it, what a great start by Toronto. Teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays dominated the off season chatter for the AL East but this Blue Jays team could surprise a lot of people. They certainly can slug with any team in the league, the key for them is the starting pitching once you get past Roy Halladay. I’d love to see them make a trade for another starting pitcher and really take a run at this. Baseball is a funny game….you just never know.

4. Nick Adenhart….seriously, how sad was that? When I saw the story on Thursday, I was in shock because I had just watched him pitch the night before and was happy to see him turn in a great performance after a rocky tenure with the team last year. The story also made me stop and think because here were three people who were killed and they did nothing wrong. They were struck down by someone else’s stupid decision. Just makes you realize that you can do everything right in your life and it can all be taken away so quickly by someone else’s stupidity. Sad….and scary.

5. NCAA Championship…..wow, what a let down. I was actually pretty excited about the game on Monday night and we piled into the sports bar in our hotel and camped out a good viewing spot of the big 25 foot screen. Then the game started and I think it was over in 90 seconds. Seriously….why on earth was Michigan State trying to run with UNC? I really thought Izzo was a smarted coach than that.

6. And now we finally get to Justin Morneau. jmMy man Morneau has gotten off to a so-so start this season, as the Twins have stumbled out of the block to a 3-5 record. Justin has a respectable 7 RBIs after the first week but all 7 of them came in two games (3 and 4). The worrisome thing for me is that Justin is sporting a 6:1 strikeout to walk ratio after the first 8 games. He has always struck out more than he’s walked, but the ratio has never been this wide. It’s still early but I think not having Joe Mauer in the lineup is going to have some pretty telling effects on Justin’s numbers. I still expect him to put up 30+ homers and 120+ RBIs but I think the average may be down this year and the strikeouts up since teams will go right after him since he doesn’t have the protection he once had.

I am pretty confident that that Twins will bounce back and take the AL Central division but they better not continue to suck for very long. I don’t see the winner of this division being a 90+ win team, but it’s best to not fall too far behind early and then spend your entire season trying to catch up. The starting pitching, especially Liriano, has been atrocious this first week. When you don’t have an overly potent lineup, you can’t afford to be giving the other team a bunch of runs. This team just isn’t going to outscore teams each night.

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A few years ago I got a chance to get into a group that had Cubs season tickets. We didn’t have the full 81-game tickets, but we had an abbreviated plan that gave us Wednesday and Friday afternoon games. I usually ended up with 3 games each season so that works out really well. We have a “draft” and pick the games we want out of the ones that are available to us.

This year the Twins will be traveling south to Chicago and I will be there!

688     1196

The game is on June 12th and I’m pretty excited about it. These are the two teams I follow the most so being able to see them play each other will be cool. This will be the first time I’ve had a chance to see the Twins in person as well. Our seats are in the upper deck box section right in line with the 3B bag. I have a nice camera with a very nice zoom lens so I’ll be taking plenty of pictures while I’m there.

And before anyone asks, I will be sitting in the stands with my Greg Maddux jersey on and not a Morneau jersey. Why? Well, I don’t own one. 🙂

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Sometimes I really don’t check out as many blogs out there as I would like. I think part of it is because I tend to feel the need to earn my paycheck here, but it’s also partly because some have flown under my radar and I just never noticed them before. So I’m going to highlight a couple here in case anyone else has missed them.


The first is Crackin’ Wax. Somehow I never made it over to this one and now that I’ve found it, I’ve been here multiple times over the past couple days and left a handful of comments. 

CW was started not too long ago so catching up on the whole blog is certainly doable. I’m a big fan because the author seems to be a big Twins and Morneau fan so that works in my book.  And if you get a chance, check out his Game Day Graphers. Easily the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile and I’m going to have to find some trade bait to get me some. 🙂


The next one is the Sac Bunt Baseball Card Blog. Again, not sure how I missed this one. The authors (Chris and John) talk about a wide range of baseball and card topics but also talk Twins as well so it’s now on my daily read list.

I’m a firm believer in the blog community promoting their own, so if you get a chance, bounce on over to these sites and take a look. I’ll try to get them both added to the RSS feed to the right sometime today.

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