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In the 2006 edition of SP Authentic, Upper Deck debuted their “By the Letter” sets. Each player has various cards that when collected will spell out their last name. So I chose to try to complete the set for Justin Morneau and with the card I received yesterday, I am this far along:

Obviously, I still am short by three letters. In the 2006 product, all the letters in Justin’s name are numbered to 75. So that means there can only be 75 full name sets created. Even though that number isn’t all that high, I don’t think it’ll be a problem completing a full set. The fun part is when these pop up on ebay you really see some price variations because it will all come down to how many people need a certain letter. I think the “M” only cost me $21, but the “R” ran me $35. Obviously these are NOT actual letters from a game worn jersey. These are just manufactured patch cards. Sadly, I’ve seen plenty of morons on ebay list them as coming from the back of a real jersey.

In the 2007 product, they ran a set with Morneau again but they ran multiple sets. One is his last name and I believe that is numbered around 35 or so. But they also ran another set that spells out “TWINS” and that’s numbered to only 25 each. Those cards can get pretty pricey so I don’t know if I’ll pursue that or not. When I was still collecting Jason Bay items, I tried spelling out the “PITTSBURGH” subset and came within 5 cards of doing it. But prices for the cards were starting to get out of hand (one “S” card ended at nearly $75) so I dropped that project quick.

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I was pretty bummed out after the debacle during the Cubs game last night but my night ended on a better note with the Red Sox win over the Angels. Not because I’m a fan of the Red Sox, but because I’m a big fan of Jason Bay and his 2-run homer off John Lackey proved to be the game winner.

I’ve been a big fan of Jason Bay since his from the Padres to the Pirates back in 2003. I guess I like to watch and root for guys who just go out there and do their business and don’t need the limelight and don’t seem to get enough credit for how good they are. Both Morneau and Bay seem to fall into that category.

When I first got back into sports collecting, I was heavily collecting both Bay and Morneau and had a good collection started with both. Then I decided that I really needed to focus my collection a little more since I had strayed from Bay and Morneau and had added a couple other guys as well. So I made the tough decision to drop everyone but Morneau and go with that. Bay being traded from Pittsburgh to Boston had a big hand in that. When Bay was putting up numbers in relative anonymity for the Pirates, it was easy to pick up his stuff on the cheap. But Boston fans are a whole different animal and once he went there, I knew I would have to start shelling out more money for the Bay items I wanted and I decided to avoid that. I still have some nice Bay items and I still tend to watch his stuff on ebay and will occasionally think about putting in bids but I’m trying to stay strong for now. Who knows…maybe I’ll pick him back up and start a spin off site to this one focusing on Bay.

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As much as I wanted the Twins to win last night, I have to give the White Sox credit for winning the game and therefore winning the AL Central title. Actually, I should give all the credit to John Danks. Wow! That was one impressive performance. For a guy who had a shaky outing his last trip to the mound to come up with that kind of game with that kind of pressure is something to admire. I mean…seriously, who out there thought he’d go 8 innings and only give up 2 hits?? Liars!!! 🙂 ha ha!

As I predicted, the Sox didn’t let Justin do much of anything, which was their plan. A big performance in that game may have vaulted Morneau to the top of many voters’ MVP ballots. But an 0-3 night likely hands the award over to Dustin Pedroia.

I’m actually writing this post after watching the Cubs and their putrid performance tonight. Seriously, sometimes I wonder why I root for this team. Nothing irritates me more than watching Cub pitchers not throw strikes. I can’t stand it when pitchers fall behind in counts and walk batters. The only thing I hate more than that is watching Fukudome do his stupid spinning swing and miss. I wasn’t a huge fan of his signing when it happened and I’m even less of a fan of it now.

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Do or die tonight!

Last year the Padres and the Rockies had to play the 1-game-playoff and that was one the most entertaining games of the entire year. Tonight the Twins and White Sox will match up in what I hope is an exciting game as well. I admit I’m going to be rooting for the Twins and not just because I follow Justin Morneau closely. I’m also rooting for them because I’d like to just see the Twins make the playoffs this year. At the beginning of the season, most “experts” didn’t give them a chance this year after losing Johan Santana, Carlos Silva, Matt Garza, and Torii Hunter. They just went out and played the kind of baseball they are known for and stayed in contention the whole way. I admire that.

The Sox will make it tough on Morneau to do much tonight. They always seem to have this “don’t let Morneau beat us” mentality and tend to pitch around him a lot. I don’t see John Danks doing any differently tonight. I’m going to guess that Morneau goes 1-2 with a couple of walks.

Sadly, I won’t be able to watch all of the game tonight. I have a softball doubleheader tonight at 6 & 7 so I won’t make it back to my place until 8:30 at the earliest. Hopefully the game is still in question when I get there.

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You know, after I wrote that title, I wondered if I should change it, but I decided to let it go. Tonight I thought I’d spotlight a couple new additions to my collection. Last year (at least I think it was last year), Topps had the grand idea of including “silk” inserts into select card products. These are basically just small replicas of the base cards done on small silk pieces.

The first one I want to highlight is the 2007 Turkey Red Silk Collection. This series was numbered to 99 and features just a plain black frame with the silk piece in the middle. The silk shows an image of the Morneau base card done in red ink. My main gripe with the card is the fact that it is so plain…black frame and plain one color silk piece. My other gripe is that the frame is glossy black and therefore shows any smudges, scratches, or any other imperfection rather easily. I didn’t end up paying much for this card and I’m pretty glad since I’m not overly impressed and I doubt it finds a place in my display case just yet.

The other card I want to talk about is the 2008 Silk Collection from the regular Topps Baseball series. This one features the same glossy “frame” but this time is done in a two-tone blue, which is a little more appealing. The silk on this card is much more impressive since it features a full color replica of the Morneau base card. The Silk Collection cards are numbered to just 50. This one I paid a little bit more for but I’m pretty happy with it and it does own a place in the display case.

To me the idea of the “silk” cards was neat initially but I think it has run it’s course. After the Turkey Red, Topps inserted them into both their regular baseball product as well as this year’s Allen & Ginter. Three times is enough and I think it’s time to retire the idea. If there is one thing that card companies seem to do well, it is run a good idea into the ground. Here’s hoping we have seen the end of the silk cards.

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Since the Cubs clinched a playoff spot already, I’ve been following the goings-on in the AL Central pretty closely and last night the Twins managed to get within a 1/2 game of the White Sox. Morneau didn’t have a direct hand in the win last night and that was due in large part to the pitching of Mark Buehrle. He gave Morneau very little to hit and was pounding the outside corner with breaking stuff. I guess Guillen was right in saying that they weren’t going to let Morneau beat them. Tonight it’s Floyd vs. Slowey and should be another great game.

On a side note, yesterday as I was driving home from work the Chicago sports radio station (WSCR 670) was doing an interview with Morneau. Those of you who ever listen to that station know that every person on that station HATES Morneau with a passion. Some of it is from the fact that he kills the Sox on a regular basis but most of it they attribute to an interview a few years back where Morneau supposedly said that if they didn’t win the division, he’d want “anyone but the White Sox”. Personally, I don’t have any problem at all with him saying that. After having to listen to some of the moronic fans that call in to that station on a daily basis and having to listen and watch Guillen manage that team, they are hard to root for. Anyway, Morneau denied ever saying anything specific like that and just said anything said was just due to being a good rivalry and I can buy that. Good interview and Justin came off as very personable and funny.

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