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I can’t believe how into this patch thing I have become. I’m constantly searching ebay every day looking for some good stuff and I’m finding that it’s real easy to find it and surprisingly easy to not break the bank with some of this stuff. This is some of the most fun I’ve had to collecting in a long time. Two new cards today.rw..

The first is this patch card of Reggie Wayne from the 2008 Topps Triple Threads. First off, no it’s not really this neon green in person. The light from the scanner just made it brighter. As you know, I’m a big Colts fan so getting a patch card of one of my favorite players is pretty cool. The card is numbered #2/9. All in all, the patch and the card design could be a lot better but for what I ended up paying for it, I’m certainly not complaining. I imagine I’ll upgrade my Reggie Wayne entry as time goes on. For now, this will do.

The jbsecond new card I got was this Josh Beckett card (#9/9). This is from the 2008 Triple Threads and features patches from Beckett’s All-Star Game warm up jersey from the 2007 game in San Francisco. Some people may not like these cards, but I think they’re pretty cool. They are certainly a step up from Topps’ previous attempts at the All-Star Game patch cards where they gave you a tiny window and just one small glimpse at the patch. At least with these you get three windows and you get a nice view. This was another card that I got for way cheaper than I really expected. I kinda just threw out a low bid on it and it happened to stick. Again, not complaining. Beckett is one of the best pitchers in baseball….when healthy. Sad that you actually have to make that point when discussing him.

I did manage to win a couple other cheap patch cards earlier this week but I didn’t get them paid for until yesterday so it’ll likely be next week before I get them. Most were cheap pickups but there was one card where I put down a serious bid and won it. I’m anxiously awaiting that one.

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First off, congratulations to the Steelers for winning one of the most exciting Super Bowls I can remember. I will admit that I was pulling for Arizona but the final 3:00+ of that game was amazing. And to top off a great game, we had a great episode of The Office after it. I swear I just about peed my pants when Dwight cut the face off the CPR dummy. Classic!


Maybe it’s just this time of year when anyone and everyone is in the football mindset, but I searched ebay over the weekend and became very sad that my favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts. Prices on Colts stuff are HIGH!! Damn! I don’t know if it was just Colts in general or if it is all football stuff. I haven’t historically collected any football stuff so I don’t know how the gauge it.

Of course, it also doesn’t help if your favorite player is also the most marketed athelete in NFL history* (Peyton Manning). Let’s not even get into how much some of his stuff goes for…just assume it’s pretty high. My other two favorite players on the team are Reggie Wayne (a little more reasonable pricing) and Robert Mathis (no hobby love).

What sucks though is that the NFL seems to have some great looking stuff compared to what baseball collectors are left with. Sure, both have their fair share of single color jersey swatches, but the NFL products have way more nice patch pieces than we get in baseball products.

Oh well…

* I really have no facts to back this up, it’s just pure speculation. 🙂

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