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This afternoon Kerry Wood was traded from the Indians to the Yankees. I know there are many Cub fans that have a sore spot set aside for Woody due to the fact that his injuries prevented him from living up to his, (dare I say?) Strasburg-like hype.

I am not one of those Cub fans. Wood remains one of my favorite Cub players of all time. In fact, he probably only ranks behind Mark Grace on my list. Yeah, Kerry had a lot of injury issues but those were a by product of what made him lethal. I personally wanted Wood to finish his entire career in a Cub uniform but that was not meant to be. Even though he wanted to stay, the organization felt it was time to turn the page. Now he gets to chase a ring as a member of the Yankees.

I will obviously be pulling for the Twins to win the AL and the World Series, but if the Yankees were to win it now…I wouldn’t be as upset as usual. 🙂

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Do or die tonight!

Last year the Padres and the Rockies had to play the 1-game-playoff and that was one the most entertaining games of the entire year. Tonight the Twins and White Sox will match up in what I hope is an exciting game as well. I admit I’m going to be rooting for the Twins and not just because I follow Justin Morneau closely. I’m also rooting for them because I’d like to just see the Twins make the playoffs this year. At the beginning of the season, most “experts” didn’t give them a chance this year after losing Johan Santana, Carlos Silva, Matt Garza, and Torii Hunter. They just went out and played the kind of baseball they are known for and stayed in contention the whole way. I admire that.

The Sox will make it tough on Morneau to do much tonight. They always seem to have this “don’t let Morneau beat us” mentality and tend to pitch around him a lot. I don’t see John Danks doing any differently tonight. I’m going to guess that Morneau goes 1-2 with a couple of walks.

Sadly, I won’t be able to watch all of the game tonight. I have a softball doubleheader tonight at 6 & 7 so I won’t make it back to my place until 8:30 at the earliest. Hopefully the game is still in question when I get there.

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Since the Cubs clinched a playoff spot already, I’ve been following the goings-on in the AL Central pretty closely and last night the Twins managed to get within a 1/2 game of the White Sox. Morneau didn’t have a direct hand in the win last night and that was due in large part to the pitching of Mark Buehrle. He gave Morneau very little to hit and was pounding the outside corner with breaking stuff. I guess Guillen was right in saying that they weren’t going to let Morneau beat them. Tonight it’s Floyd vs. Slowey and should be another great game.

On a side note, yesterday as I was driving home from work the Chicago sports radio station (WSCR 670) was doing an interview with Morneau. Those of you who ever listen to that station know that every person on that station HATES Morneau with a passion. Some of it is from the fact that he kills the Sox on a regular basis but most of it they attribute to an interview a few years back where Morneau supposedly said that if they didn’t win the division, he’d want “anyone but the White Sox”. Personally, I don’t have any problem at all with him saying that. After having to listen to some of the moronic fans that call in to that station on a daily basis and having to listen and watch Guillen manage that team, they are hard to root for. Anyway, Morneau denied ever saying anything specific like that and just said anything said was just due to being a good rivalry and I can buy that. Good interview and Justin came off as very personable and funny.

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