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Those of you who have read this site for awhile are well aware of the kick in the nuts I received with the 2006 Ultimate Collection Baseball break I did back in January. If you don’t remember the slaughter, check it out HERE.

In summary, I was denied two of the more valuable hits and they were replaced with 2 of the crappiest hits. While I do understand that Upper Deck tries to protect themselves from these situations by placing the words “on average” in all their marketing material, that sort of wording is primarily aimed at the “by the box” crowd. When it comes to a full case, you should hit the average!!!

Anyway, after the break I wrote a very well worded and polite email to Upper Deck’s “Customer Service” stating my frustration and asking them to make the situation right. Even though it was an older product, it was still factory sealed and in my mind was still Upper Deck’s responsibility to back up their claims.  I sent the email and got the canned email back saying that an agent would respond within 24-48 hours. A week later…

No response.

So I sent it again….

No response.

Since that time, I have sent the same email 6 times! Not one single damn response!

Now I am well aware of UD’s downsizing and the fact that there are people in the Customer Service area that are being let go, moved, or whatever. But that doesn’t mean that UD as a company can just blatantly ignore the collectors that are keeping it’s piss poor company afloat.

At this point I’m not really expecting to get any sort of resolution to my problem but I am going to keep sending the email until I can get someone from the CS department to at least respond to my inquiry.

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