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Sitting here watching the World Series got me to thinking about what cards from these two teams I used to own at one time. After some looking, I didn’t see much Phillies stuff so I figured I’d drop in a few Rays cards that I had at one time.



Obviously I’m feeling like a moron for selling the Longoria Bowman Sterling autographed card. And yes, it was the refractor version. But before you call me an idtiot, I had it sent to BGS and it came back as an “8”. I was very disappointed in that and decided to cut my losses with it.

The other card from that set that I kinda wish I had back was the Ben Zobrist White Whale 1/1 from the 2007 Triple Threads. No, I’m not on crack. Zobrist is a local kid and now I wish I would have kept it.

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